Dreaming of the Perfect Aruban Holiday?

La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino’s Got You Covered!

Imagine a comfortable and modern resort with a community full of happy, friendly people, efficient and welcoming staff, home-away-from-home amenities, and a wonderful water circuit cresting Aruba’s most famous postcard perfect beach. Then, imagine yourself here at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino where we have everything covered for your ideal stay on One Happy Island.

Everything Under One Big Umbrella Complex!

Beautifully appointed and updated rooms are complemented by full-service restaurants and lively bars, a large swimming pool with a water slide and waterfalls, one of the largest fully-equipped fitness centers on the island, a restorative spa with beauty facilities, a mini-market and shopping arcade, a glitzy casino and so much more is waiting for you. A wide array of amenities such as guest services, free resort-wide Wi-Fi, and all kinds of activities and water sports, and even a day camp for children will all assure a glorious stay that the whole family can enjoy. And the island’s largest full-service grocery store is also within walking distance. We also have the only on-site chapel on Aruba, and we offer it complimentary to guests for wedding ceremonies and private meditation! We look forward to welcoming you to our unique Aruban Oasis just steps across from amazing Eagle Beach.

Visit us today and see what we mean when we say at La Cabana BRC


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About La Cabana

La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino combines vacation fun with all the conveniences of home. Opened on December 15, 1990, the resort now boasts almost 12,000 owners, hailing from all corners of the world.

We are not simply a hotel, but a resort community and close-knit vacation family, our guests and staff are warm and welcoming and you’ll find everything you need on-site and close by for a perfect holiday.

La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino


Updated Pool Renovation Project

In February 2023 we will start with Phase I of the pool deck renovation. This project includes the c...

Effective July 8th, 2022

Effective July 8th, 2022 no more mandatory COVID-insurance

Update on Wi-Fi

La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino is aware of the challenges with Wi-Fi connections, and this has be...

Seashells, Coral and Sand

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We are introducing the new car rental on premises: Sunset Car Rental. Sunset Car Rental has been de...

Exterior Building Painting Project

Dear Owners and Guests: As announced during our virtual owners' meetings and on your reservation...

Suspension of Operations

Dear Owners and Guests: Our Island has intensified all measures to contain and prevent the spread o...

Owner Services Update

Based on the current situation of the corona virus and its consequential global pandemic plus the lo...

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