March, 2020
Message from The Board

March 2020

As the shareholders of La Cabana enter into the important work of electing two owners to the 2021 Board of Directors, we feel it is pertinent to clarify some of the misinformation we have read on various social media sites recently.

Your Board of Directors consists of seven elected members, all of whom are fixed week owners at La Cabana. Our collective goals and objectives are to work to ensure the highest standards of resort management and professionalism, guest care and satisfaction, sound fiscal management policies and a vacation experience that is refreshing, relaxing and memorable for all.

The fixed week owners of La Cabana are majority shareholders of the Resort representing approximately 63%. The Vacation Club referred to as Bluegreen owns a minority share of the units with approximately 30%. The remainder is COOP and Maintenance Week non-voting inventory.

Bluegreen Vacations is an internationally recognized vacation club with a wealth of experience in resort management and La Cabana has benefitted a great deal in terms of accessing quality training for our staff, advice on infrastructure planning, aesthetics, hard goods and guest survey results, as well as cost savings recommendations. As Management Consultants, their expertise has enabled us to keep your maintenance fees as low as they are, compared to other at-par resorts on the Island. This advantage to our Resort and to you the owners has not been taken for granted and suggestions on some social media sites that Bluegreen has been a detriment to what we have
is both erroneous and unfounded.

In past elections, the voting process has been conducted in accordance with applicable law and the governing documents for La Cabana. Historically, Bluegreen Vacations has voted in the best interest of the Coop and will continue to be aligned with the Coop’s initiatives to benefit all ownership interests.

We hope you will find this message helpful as you consider putting your name forward for a Board position or to review the applications that will be made public in the Convocation information that will be emailed to you at the end of July.

La Cabana is your Resort, your home away from home, and as your Board of Directors we also encourage you all to participate in the voting process by supporting two candidates who you feel will best help us continue the important work we are doing on your behalf.