General Inquiries

Property and Amenities

Are there hair dryers, irons & ironing boards in the rooms?

Yes, we do have hairdryers, iron and ironing board in the rooms.

Can I smoke in the unit?

All our rooms are non-smoking. You may smoke on the balcony or the patio. However, if traces of smoke are detected in the room we will charge a US$ 350.00 deep cleaning fee to remove the odor from the room.

How do I retrieve and delete messages from the in-room voice mail?                                         

To retrieve voice mail enter: * 6 # 7 (Star 6, Pound 7) To delete messages enter: * 3 (Star 3)


Do you have Free Wifi?

Yes! Each room gets FREE wifi for a maximum of 3 devices. If you have more than 3 devices in a room, you can purchase wifi per day or per week.


Does La Cabana have cribs, high chairs or strollers available?    

La Cabana has playpens. Unfortunately, we do not have high chairs or strollers available.


Does La Cabana have wheelchairs available?

La Cabana does have a wheelchair that is used in cases of emergency. If you need a wheelchair for your entire stay, you may rent one at Labco. Their website is:

Is there an ATM machine at La Cabana?

Yes! There is one next to the Cabanita Minimarket and one in the Casino. Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover are accepted.

Is there an Internet Café on premises?

Yes! The Internet Café is located in the mezzanine area on the upper lobby level.


What is the Check-in time? 

Check-in is at 4:00 p.m. Come prepared to start your vacation while you wait for your room to be ready if you are arriving early.

What is the Check-out time?         

Check-out time is 10:00 a.m. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late check-out requests. There is a non-reversible penalty if not checked out by 10:00 a.m.

What type of BBQ grills are at the resort, and where are they generally located?     

We have gas grills located on both sides of the side wings. For safety reasons, please request the assistance of our Pool & Beach attendants or our Loss Prevention agents to light up the grill.


Lost & Found

Is there a Lost and Found at La Cabana?

Yes! The Housekeeping department keeps items left behind for three (3) months. After three months the items are disposed of. 

How do I contact Lost and Found?

Send an email to to inquire if a lost item was found. If the item was found, you can either authorize someone to pick it up for you or request to ship the item to you. Shipping cost is at your own account.


Can we bank our week?           

Yes! You can bank or exchange your week through Interval International. You need an active membership with them in order to do so. The membership fee is at your own expense.


Can we rent additional nights? 

Yes! If you book your additional nights online, you will receive an additional 10% discount that is already incorporated in the rates published.


How do I deposit my week with Interval International   

You should enroll for a membership at Interval International. Interval International will then verify your information with us and provide you with all the required information needed. The latest that you can deposit a week is 14 days prior to the start of your week. We recommend that you check out the option to "Request First".


How do I prove that I am the legal owner of the timeshare?

Your Share Certificate is the official document that shows your ownership. And, you can also request a Verification of Ownership by submitting an Authorization to release information to third party online.


How do we allow someone to use our week?

You can submit a Guest Authorization online whenever someone other than yourself is coming to use the week. If the name of the person does not appear on your share certificate, you need to fill out a Guest Authorization and pay the applicable fee. Currently, the fee is US$ 50.00 per reservation.

What kind of accommodations can be made for additional nights stay?

La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino is a sold out Resort and inventory is limited. Prior to booking other Resorts, contact our Owners Services for any availability that might match your owned week(s).

Tell us about a Transfer of Ownership as we have resold our suite.

Resale and Transfer of Ownership information as well as the Transfer of Ownership and Fee Authorization Forms can be found online on our Forms page. Please note that maintenance fees are due immediately after being approved during the Annual General Meeting in case the owner decides to sell.

Is it possible to take care of a Transfer of Ownership while on property?

Yes; for assistance please stop by in the Owners Services any time between Monday and Saturday from 9:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I've just gotten married. What is the fee to make a name change?

Change in Ownership Fee: US$ 200.00 to add or remove a name from the contract (marriage, divorce, additional co-owners or removal of co-owners).
In case of death, the fee is: US$ 100.00 to remove the name of the deceased co-owner without adding or removing other names to the contract.


I need to sell, but I have lost my original share certificate. What do I need to do?

Make use of an Affidavit of Lost Share Certificate form and send this to the Owners Services together with the other required documents. Go to our "Forms page".


Privacy Policy    

The membership information is confidential, and the Management will not supply personal information of members to other members or third parties unless the member authorizes us in writing to release their information. This can be done by submitting a disclosure letter available on our website: Authorization To Release Information To Third Party.

Terms of Use 

You are entirely responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your access credentials to the website and your online account. By using the online account, you agree to indemnify and hold the Cooperative Association La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club, its board of directors, management, and staff harmless from and against any and all liabilities and costs incurred in case of any claim arising out of any breach by your use of the website.

How do I protect myself against scammers?  

Do not send money until you receive a confirmation directly from La Cabana that the offer is legitimate. Since we cannot provide information without the owner's written authorization, the owner needs to submit the Authorization to release information to third party online. We will then confirm the ownership and copy the renter / buyer on it. We recommend that the interested party forward our email back to us for a second verification. Forward - do not reply.


Can I use a laptop computer onsite?

Yes you can. We offer FREE Wi-Fi for basic e-mail sending and retrieving. Additional bandwidth can be purchased online.


How do we know the unit size, location of the unit and check-in date?    

Go to Accommodations on the website: . The description of each room category is published on our website. Click on the Resort Layout: to view the location of any room in particular.

If someone needs to phone me while at La Cabana, what number would they use?                  

Calling from the USA, they would need to dial 011-297-520-1100. If calling from any other country, they would need to dial 00-297-520-1100. The person calling should know your correct name under which you are registered with us.


Is La Cabana built on property land or lease land?      

La Cabana was built on long-lease land, owned by the Government and leased to the COOP Association. The duration of the land lease is for an initial 60 years period. Upon expiration, the lease will be renewed for another period of 60 years. In case the Government decides not to renew the long-lease, the Government would need to compensate the Association for the economic value of the construction on the land. The lease will expire in January 2050.


Our flight departs long after your 10 a.m. check-out time. Is there a place to store luggage and shower before leaving for our late flight?

You can leave your luggage at the Bell desk. Our Health Club facilities are available if you wish to take a shower before leaving to the airport.


Should we bring our own beach towels to La Cabana?       

No need. Upon check in you will receive a pool towel card. With that towel card you can claim your pool towel at the pool towel hut. Make sure to return your pool towel card upon departure. There is a charge of US$ 25 per lost towel.


What is the best way to mail the paperwork?  

Please use a mailing service that allows you to track your paperwork. Keep in mind that all mail goes through Customs once it reaches Aruba and that takes time to be released to us.

What is the cost of cab fare from the Airport to La Cabana?      

The cab fare from the airport to La Cabana is $20.00 for two persons with 2 pieces of luggage. $2.00 extra for each additional piece of luggage. On Sundays, holidays and after 12 midnight $3.00 extra.


What is the lifetime of the Association?    

The initial duration of the Cooperative Association, in accordance with the National Ordinance on Cooperative Associations, lasts for a period of thirty years. Before this period lapses, the General Meeting of Shareholders if so desired can decide to further extend the duration of the Association for another thirty years. Such extensions can be renewed each time anew. This is stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation of the Association. The first thirty years expired in 2019 and a renewal was approved by the majority of the membership during the Annual General Meeting of 2017.


What is a Timeshare?   

Timeshare is a shared usage of a room at the resort for a specific week. It allows you to vacation every year during that specific week and stay in the specific room purchased.


Where can I find a La Cabana Timeshare Calendar?        

La Cabana's Timeshare Calendar is unique and is not the same as any other calendar. Please use our calendar to avoid arriving on the wrong date. The calendar is available on our home page and in your online account.

Is my timeshare deeded?       

Each owner of one or multiple weeks in the La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino is a shareholder in the Capital of the Coop Association La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club; as such you can consider the shares as a deed. Your shares can be sold, inherited or transferred, as per the rules and regulations stipulated in the ABC's of vacation ownership.

When is the weekly Owners Meeting?

Our weekly Owners Meeting is held every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and live streamed through Facebook as well. If a National Holiday falls on a Wednesday, then the meeting will be held a day prior or after.

Who owns La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club?       

The Cooperative Association is the registered owner of all the buildings and facilities known as the La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino, plus the long lease right on the land up to January 2050, as per the transfer deed passed by the Notary Public on June 26, 2001.

For how long is the lease on the land?

The buildings and facilities are constructed on long lease land, owned by the Government, but leased to the Coop Association. The duration of the land lease is for an initial period of 60 years. Upon expiration it will be renewed for another period of 60 years. In case the Government decides not to renew the long lease, it has to compensate the economic value of the construction on the land. The lease will expire in January 2050.