Become Part Of The La Cabana Family


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A Community Approach

Whether it’s your first visit or your 5th, you are bound to be impressed by this resort’s ongoing commitment to make everyone feel at home, and also integrate the local Aruban community into our daily operations. Our staff represents multiple generations of local residents who have made close connections to the multiple generations of guests we have hosted over the years, and many work together on community projects and to help local causes. Our design as predominately a timeshare resort ensures that our complex is often filled with repeat guests who appreciate the fact that it’s easy to build lifelong friendships with both staff and other guests from all over the world here. La Cabana now boasts almost 12,000 owners hailing from all corners of the globe!

Become Part Of The La Cabana Family

Though you’re always welcome to drop in as a non-owner and stay as long as you like, we are sure after your first visit you’ll want to return, and maybe make a more permanent commitment to your new home-away-from-home.

Aruba is one of the most coveted timeshare islands in the Caribbean due to its stable economy, year-round perfect weather, glorious beaches and friendly, efficient and multilingual workforce. And La Cabana is one of the most sought after properties due to our wide range of appeal to all ages and budgets. Feel free to find out more at our weekly meetings or ask the front desk to steer you toward our sales and marketing staff offices to find out more.