Tax increase on alcoholic beverages

January, 2019

The government has published their decree that increases certain excise duties, as of January 1st, 2019. These are the "sin
taxes" the Prime Minister has referred to, intended to increase government revenue while simultaneously discourage consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
within the population. Of course, these will affect costs for the import of products sold to our visitors as well.

The excise duty increases are as follows:

Wine and Vermouth (made of grapes): Increase of 8%.

Cider (pear, apple, pineapple, honey): Increase of 333%.

Other ciders: Increase of 188%.

Tobacco products: Change from 57% to AFL 211.50 (US$ 118.82) per kg.

Distilled alcohol products: Increase of 44%.

As a result of these tax increases, La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino has also adjusted our prices on alcoholic beverages accordingly.

We thank you for your understanding.