On September 7th 2015, the parking meters were introduced in downtown Oranjestad.
If you decide to park in the downtown area which includes locations such as Renaissance Marketplace, Royal Plaza Mall, Port of Call Marketplace, Weststraat,
Werfstraat and L.G. Smith Boulevard, you have to pay for parking at the nearest parking meter.

Parking fee hours are the following:
Monday-Saturday from 9:00am-3:00pm
Every day after 3:00pm, as well as Sundays and Holidays there is no need to pay for the parking fee.

Parking fees are as follows:
15 Minutes Awg 0.50 or Us$ 0.30
30 Minutes Awg 1.00 or Us$ 0.60
2 Hours Awg 2.00 or $ 1.15
Every extra 30 minutes Awg 1.00 or Us$ 0.60
On Saturday-’s Awg 2.00 or $ 1.15 will give you 3 hours parking time

How to pay :
You can pay with Aruban Florins and US Coins. (Quarters, Dimes and Nickels)
The parking meter doesn’t give you back change, so the best thing to do is, pay the exact amount shown on the display of the parking meter.
Follow the steps below to pay for parking successfully.

Here is a list of reasons why you may receive a citation.
1. When your parking time expires.
2. If you’re parked in a no parking area.
3. If you’re parked in a handicap space
4. When you park in a reserved or assigned space (between Yellow Lines)
5. If your car is blocking the driveway or access of it.
6. When you’re blocking other vehicles.
7. If you’re parked in two spaces.
8. If you parked in incorrect parking zones & areas (Permit Holders)
9. If you don’t pay your permit for the month (Permit Holders)
10. If your permit sticker isn’t visible (Permit Holders)