Update On Renovations

Neighboring Construction:

One condominium property is currently under construction north of our resort. Latest update expects construction to last through early 2023.

Upcoming Projects: All projects are funded through the Reserve Account.
Pool Renovation Project Phase I will take place between February and November 2023 approximately.
This project entails building an adult-only pool and a new Activities Center. The area of construction will be fenced off for safety reasons. During this project noise and dust produced by drilling, and excavation can be expected. We thank you for your patience while we continue to enhance the property for your enjoyment.

Pool Renovation Project Phase II: dates will be determined in 2024 and will be shared with all in due time. This project will entail the following:
• Renovating the main pool and removing the dolphins,
• Building a new Hospitality Venue,
• Renovating the Towel Hut,
• Updating the Beach showers, Beach access Ramp, and walkway,
• Building new BBQ stations,
• Relocating the Basketball and Shuffleboard courts,
• Building a new Waterslide,
• Open up the breezeway to the pool deck,
• Installing Trellis,
• Updating the landscaping.

Completed Projects:
The hard goods renovation project in the rooms on the 3rd and 4th floor, excluding Ocean Front units, took place between July and October 2022. Preparation for this project started in September 2021 which included drilling to relocate some electrical outlets, and painting the walls, ceiling, and cabinets to accelerate the job because of how extensive the scope of the work was. Some rooms were placed out of order for this project.
Painting of the building.
Hard goods renovation in the rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor, excluding Ocean Front units, took place between April and October 2021.
Replacement of front doors for rooms that are in the breezeways.
Installation of CAT6 cables for IT infrastructure to improve WiFi connection for guest rooms.
HVAC project for the main building.
Installation of the new door lock system.

Renovation of our east side parking lot.