Renovations Update

La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino continues to upgrade and enhance for your vacation enjoyment.

We recently inaugurated our brand new Ballroom. The old Bluegreen sales offices were converted into a beautiful Ballroom to accommodate larger groups as this room is 1.5 bigger than our Conference room.

We paved the area behind the main kitchen and the chapel and added a gate that remains open during the day and closed at night. Guests can access the smaller door with their room key.

Health club: stairs have been placed in the health club to take you to the second floor where we have refitted our stretching area to
provide you with more exercise space.

The HVAC project for the guest room building has been finalized. This project will help us save on the cost of electricity by regulating the air flow in the rooms and also the hot and cold water supply to the rooms. The HVAC project for the main building is still pending. Once the decision is made as to when this project will be executed, we will notify the membership.

We replaced the TV's to 43" flat screens.

We replaced all the telephones in the rooms to cordless telephones.

Make up mirrors have been installed in all the bathrooms of our guest rooms.

We have new user-friendly thermostats to better control the temperature in the rooms.

The lobby and mezzanine furniture has been upholstered to offer a new look and feel in the reception area.

Carpets have been replaced in both the Owner Services lounge and the Conference Room.

We have new bedding scarfs and skirts for a refreshed look in the bedrooms.