Message from the Board Sept. 7th

We are definitely in unprecedented times at La Cabana, as we all are around the world. The silver lining that is keeping us together is our resolve to work together, following the best professional and learned advice and directions we are getting from the dedicated experts. Supporting one another, staying calm and confident, and taking strides forward carefully is key to getting our world, our economies and our lives back on track.

Here at La Cabana we are fortunate to have excellent management staff and associates who are committed to teamwork and personal bests. Our restart has been slow, but it is getting progressively better as more people are starting to feel more confident about flying. We have been mitigating the impact of this pandemic responsibly with best practices and responsible decision making in all departments and, as your Board of Directors, we could not feel more proud of the collective efforts that have gotten us to this point.

We would also like to thank Owners and guests for their patience and understanding, as well as their feedback along the way. We know how much you love and miss your home away from home, and the people of Aruba and La Cabana miss you too. All of our fingers are crossed for better times and a full recovery, and we remain committed to not let our guard down, to be ready for you when you come, and to ensure we are making the best decisions possible on your behalf. We are all in this together and together we will see this through.