Once I have a buyer, what do I do?

  • Print out a Transfer of Ownership request form, or request one while visiting the Owners Services.
  • This is a PDF file which will allow you to type in most of the required information prior to printing out the form. (instructions how to complete). If you choose to print the blank form and fill in the fields by hand - do not write, please print as the information needs to be legible. All information must be accurate and complete. Share Certificates are issued based on information received on the transfer of ownership form.
  • Have it signed and individually notarized by all the owners that signed the original contract and by the new owners (buyers).
  • The Transfer of Ownership form may not be faxed back and forth for signatures. All signatures must be on the same original form.
  • Print out the Verification of Ownership form, fill it out completely and correctly and send that to the new owners for them to sign and have their signatures notarized.