What paperwork do we need to send to you to transfer ownership?

The required paperwork is as follows:

  1. Original Transfer of Ownership form, duly signed and individually notarized by the current owner(s) (sellers) and the new owner(s) (buyers). Please note that the Transfer of Ownership form may not be faxed back and forth for signatures and all signatures should be on the same original form. Separate forms are NOT accepted.
  2. Original Share Certificate or signed and notarized Affidavit of Lost Share Certificate with its applicable US$ 75.00 fee.
  3. Verification of Membership, signed and notarized by the new owner(s) (buyers).
  4. Credit card authorization or Cashier's check (official bank check) payable to La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino for the transfer fee of US$ 300.00 per each new share certificate to be issued. You can fill out the Transfer Fee Payment form to make your payment.